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JQLYN & CO. is a Brooklyn-based wallpaper and print design company founded in 2016 by interior designer Jacquelyn Moore-Hill. After struggling to find wallpaper that was inspiring for interior design projects, the idea for JQLYN & CO. was born.  Jacquelyn found many wallpaper designs to be either traditional or too abstract, with little movement other than repetition. There was a desire instead for something artful and larger in scale, that felt more like artwork. After studies in textile design at RISD, Jacquelyn aimed to incorporate digital and screen printed design into her wallpaper collection.

Fascinated with nature, movement through time, art and history, Jacquelyn draws inspiration from the crossroads of the natural world, indigenous cultures and modern design. For the past year, Jacquelyn has sought inspiration in places such as Aboriginal pointillism and rare fungi, leading to the creation of her inaugural collection, The 5 Kingdoms Collection, debuting Summer 2017.